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Jalapeno Board Company. 

Born and raised in Australia, we had a dream to chase snow around the world 365 days a year. However sometimes that just isn’t possible (shoutout - covid...), so we have to settle for travelling to Japan or New Zealand once or twice a year.
Everyone knows that just isn’t enough...

Because we’re are addicted 'that feeling'... that feeling of tearing up the mountain with your best mates, jumping back on the lift and doing it all over again day in day out... that feeling of exploring new terrain and trying new tricks. It's plain and simple, its clear as day.

Starting Jalapeno Board Company is the very first stepping-stone along the path to making 'that feeling' an every day occurrence. Were not here because there is a hole in the Australian snow-sports market (were aware we will probably never compete with the likes of Burton), were here because we love to board, and just want to surround ourselves with good people, good gear and good times.

As Abraham Lincoln once said: Dope Community >  Dope Gear... or something like that. So hit us up on Instagram or Facebook were always up for a chat!

It may not look like much now, however we have major aspirations to become much more than just an apparel company.

In the future we will look to develop technical outerwear for Men, Women and Children including: Jackets, Pants, Mittens, Goggles etc..
We also aspire to one day manufacture our own snowboards right here in Australia, however we know that is a long way down the track, but setting goals are good right?

Thank you for supporting our dream.